Yates shares how to care for your lawn as the temperatures drop

Aussies love their lawns – it’s a place of backyard cricket, cubby houses and trampolines. Even Facebook pages dedicated to lawn admiration are becoming increasingly popular!

A recent survey of 1,000 Aussies nationwide, revealed 77 per cent of us admire other people’s lawns and 81 per cent are dreaming of a better lawn at home.

Whilst 18 per cent of Aussies feel their neighbours are judging the state of their garden, over 40 per cent admit to maintaining their lawns to compete with others in their street.

Sixty six per cent keep their lawn looking good for their own eye candy!

As temperatures drop across the country, lawn growth will slow however weeds can take off and rapidly infest and take over the lawn. Weeds are one of the biggest problems to watch out for over autumn and winter when it comes to your lawns.

Broadleaf weeds like bindii and clover start growing actively during the cooler months. Bindii produces prickles and can make the lawn unusable and clover can compete with and overtake large areas of lawn.

Angie’s tips on reducing lawn weeds



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