Sweet or savoury?

Whether you have a sweet tooth or can’t resist all things savoury, limes are a versatile citrus that can be used in sweet creations like cakes, desserts and marmalade and savoury dishes like Asian soups, salads and stir fries and also deliciously combined with chicken and seafood.

Citrus ‘Sublime’ is a juicy new fruiting patio lime from Touch of Class Plants. It’s a compact variety that makes it perfect for growing in small spaces, such as a courtyard or out on a sunny balcony (where it’s very handy to then pick limes for those refreshing weekend mojitos and spritzers). ‘Sublime’ has glossy green leaves, is almost thornless and will grow to around 1.5 m tall in a pot.

Limes, particularly potted limes, are hungry plants and should be fed regularly to promote healthy growth and a great harvest. Apply Yates® Thrive® Citrus Liquid Plant Food every week while limes are developing their fruit (or growing new foliage in spring and autumn).

Insect tip: keep an eye out for sap sucking scale insects on limes. Control scale with regular sprays of Yates Nature’s Way® Citrus & Ornamental Spray.



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