How To Grow Carrots


Top carrots

Growing carrots can sometimes be challenging, as the seeds are small and as they not sown very deeply, are prone to drying out. Cooler weather during winter can help as the soil stays moist for longer, allowing the tiny seeds to germinate and establish.

Yates® Topweight Carrot can be sown in June throughout Australia and this vigorous variety has delicious tasting, long fleshy deep orange roots.

Growing Guide

  1. Before sowing in a sunny spot in the vegie garden
  2. Cultivate the soil well to break up any hard pieces (which can cause distorted carrot growth).
  3. Keep the soil moist after sowing and thin out excess carrots after 4 weeks, so carrots are spaced around 5cm apart.
  4. Carrots should be fed regularly with Yates® Thrive® Vegie and Herb Liquid Plant Food, which contains phosphorus which is an important nutrient for root (and thus carrot) development.



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