Thank goodness for James Logan!

What do you get when you cross a raspberry and a blackberry? A loganberry! They’re named after the horticulturist James Logan, who accidentally created this new hybrid. The fruit have a slightly elongated shape like a blackberry but are a dark purplish red colour, similar to raspberries.

Loganberries are soft, tangy and juicy and can be used in desserts, crumbles, cakes and drinks as well as turned into richly coloured jams and jellies. Or perhaps loganberry glazed pork chops? And of course loganberries can be enjoyed fresh with lashings of cream!

Loganberries are an ideal berry for growing at home, as they’re hard to find in supermarkets and green grocers as they don’t transport or store well. No transport issues when they’re growing in your backyard! The berries might not even make it back into the house…..

Loganberries grow best in cool to warm temperate zones. They are a ‘brambleberry’ which grow on canes up to 1.5 m tall. To make maintenance easier (and promote a better harvest), loganberries can be grown up between 2 wires on a T-shaped trellis. Look out for thornless varieties of loganberry, which will create a much less painful berry growing experience!

During autumn, cut back to ground level the canes that have borne fruit, leaving fresh, newer canes to grow and provide fruit next summer. Do this each year to avoid the canes getting messy and out of control.

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