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Bella’s Buttons

Native to South Africa, Leucadendrons provide welcome splashes of colour in the winter garden and the variety ‘Bella’s Buttons’ has stunning yellow foliage with striking red centres in late winter and early spring. It’s a dwarf leucadendron with a rounded growth habit, reaching a compact 45 cm high and wide.

Leucadendrons prefer a slightly acidic, free draining soil and are drought hardy once established (water regularly during the first 12 months while the root system establishes). Leucadendron ‘Bella’s Buttons’ is very attractive when grown as a mass or border planting and also makes a fantastic container plant, particularly when heavy or poor draining local soil conditions make growing leucadendrons challenging.

Leucadendrons are quite frost resistant (down to – 5 deg C) and respond well to a yearly mid spring prune, which helps maintain their size and shape. For more information on Leucadendron ‘Bella’s Buttons’ visit

Feeding tip: to promote healthy leucadendron growth, apply Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser the root zone each spring and autumn. Yates Dynamic Lifter contains slow release organic nutrients, making it suitable for feeding phosphorus sensitive plants like Leucadendrons.



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