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Green Spotlight: Monstera Magic

Looking to grow your collection of indoor plants? Make it a monstera!
Whether it’s the common fruit salad plant (Monstera deliciosa) or the on-trend Swiss cheese plant (Monstera adasonii) , both are guaranteed to bring a jungle-like feel to your indoor space, especially as their vines can climb or be left to trail. Plus, their heart-shaped leaves covered with holes (also known as fenestrations) look pretty cool, too.

How do I grow them?

Position: As with most indoor plants, place in a brightly lit spot, out of direct sunlight.
Water: Water when the soil is dry. To test, insert your index finger to the second knuckle. If it’s dry, water well and if it’s moist, leave watering for a few days. You may need to check more often if your plant is growing in a hot/stuffy room.
Soil: Use a good quality, well-drained potting mix, such Yates Potting Mix with Dynamic Lifter.
Fertiliser: Feed regularly during the warmer months with Yates Thrive All Purpose Liquid Plant Food
Maintenance: Remove old, yellowing leaves and cut back any brown, dying leaves or stems. Dust the leaves regularly and spray with Yates Leaf Shine to help maintain its glossy appearance.

Make More Little Monsters

Looking to multiply your collection? It’s easy to do!

Look for nodes along a stem and then carefully cut just below a node. Insert the cutting in a glass of water and position in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight.

Top up the water weekly (or as needed) and hopefully, you’ll see roots forming over the next few weeks.


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