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Organic aphid control

Tender young vegetable and flower seedlings are vulnerable to attack from aphids. Aphids are small, sap sucking insects that can be black, brown, grey or green and are often seen congregating on delicate new leaves unfurling in the centre of the plant or lurking underneath foliage. Aphids deplete plants of valuable nutrients and sugars and can impact plant health and harvests.

Symptoms of an aphid infestation include:

The odd aphid can be squished between your fingers or hosed off with a squirt from the hose however large, damaging colonies can develop quickly.

To protect plant health aphids can be controlled with Yates® Nature’s Way® Vegie & Herb Spray. It’s an insecticidal soap based on natural vegetable oils and is certified for use in organic gardening, so it’s ideal for people wanting to use organic methods of pest control in their gardens.

Control the aphids by spraying both sides of leaves, every 5 – 7 days, just to the point of run off.

Yates Nature’s Way Vegie & Herb Spray is available in a handy ready to use pack or in a concentrate for larger gardens.


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