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Medium_image1 All of my hedges are dying and it is spreading. Orange plaques on branches

It started with two adjacent hedges. I cut them out. It is spreading to many other hedges on my property in the same general area. It starts with browning of some leaves until eventually all of the leaves are brown and dead. The branches have orange plaques on them.

Submitted: 01:30PM, 28 Feb 2019
Answer: Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your enquiry. Firstly, apologies for the delay in responding. We have been overwhelmed with a huge number of queries over recent weeks and we’re trying to answer everyone as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience.

It looks like your plants are heavily infested with scale, which are small sap sucking insects that hide underneath a waxy coating. Scale deplete the plants by removing valuable nutrients and sugars and can lead to plant death in severe cases, particularly if environmental conditions have been stressful for the plant (eg. Drought). Oil based sprays are effective against scale. I recommend a few sprays of Yates Pest Oil 2 weeks apart, to get your scale under control.

Make sure you spray all surfaces of the stems as white oil works via contact. Sometimes dead scale can remain on the plant for some time, however the small insect underneath has died and is no longer doing damage. I hope you can get your scale under control and your hedge recovers.

Kind regards, Angie

Category: Diseases
Tags: hedge, scale
Answered: 10:05AM, 11 Apr 2019


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