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Moving citrus from barrel into the ground?

I have three citrus trees (lemon, lime and blood orange) growing in half wine barrels in the Adelaide cbd that are struggling to bare fruit and suffer from poor light, irregular watering and gall wasp. I would like to move them to my home in the suburb of Skye in the Adelaide foothills so I can care for them a little better. Just wondering of the best time of the year to do this and if I should do anything different as they more established (5-7 years old) than any other tree I have re-planted? Should I try to eradicate the wasp first so I don't affect my other trees?

Submitted: 11:49PM, 15 Apr 2018
Answer: Hi Ross,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

You can move the trees now in the Autumn as the weather is cooler and the soil is still warm enough to plant out and allow for root development.

It is best that you prune the trees at least 30% prior to removal and ensure that you keep the root ball moist. Wrapping the root ball in a wet hessian bag can assist while in transit, as does an application of Yates Droughtshield to the leaves.

When you do plant out ensure that you prepare the soil well with added compost and Dynamic Lifter and water in well with half strength Thrive Naturals Citrus & Fruit Liquid Plant Food.

Kind regards

Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 01:49PM, 16 Apr 2018


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