slow growth in peas and yellowing of young corn foliage

Submitted: 03:57PM, 27 Nov 2011
Answer: Hi Hans,

Yellowing of leaves and poor growth could indicate a deficiency.

Sweet corn is a warm season crop which will grow well in your area from October to December. It requires good drainage, fertile soils and ample amounts of fertiliser and water while the plants are growing. During periods of hot weather a good soaking once or twice a week is more beneficial that a light sprinkle every day. Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser would be a good choice of fertiliser to apply to your sweet corn plants. It is a complete fertiliser containing fish emulsion, seaweed, a Bio-Activ (which plays and important role in unlocking and releasing nutrients in a form that plants can easily absorb), fulvic acid and a natural wetting agent. Apply this product every 1-2 weeks while the corn is actively growing.

Peas also require a well drained, friable soil. Yellow, stunted plants are more often the result of wet soil and poor drainage than lack of nutrients. If drainage is adequate and the plants still lack colour and vigor apply a mixed fertiliser or give liquid feeds. Thrive All Purpose Soluble is an excellent product that you can apply to your plants.

Answered: 04:55PM, 28 Nov 2011


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