The Problem


Order Hemiptera: Family Psyllidae

What are Psyllids?

Psyllids are tiny sap sucking insects which attack mostly native plants such as lilly pilly.
These psyllids resemble miniature cicadas and can only be seen through a microscope or hand lens. Both
juvenile and adult stages do the damage by sucking sap from the leaves. Some psyllids build a protective
covering made from wax and honeydew. There are many psyllids, all of which are relatively host specific.

What are the symptoms?

New growth may have dimpling or pock marks on leaves. Leaves can be distorted and terminal shoots
dieback. Leaf defoliation of some types of psyllid attack may occur. Sooty mould grows on the crystal
like honeydew that the psyllids produce. Leaves may be discoloured.

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