Watering Cans & Sprayers

A quality range of garden sprayers and watering cans that will stand the test of time

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‘Poison’ Red Watering Can

Red 9 litre watering can with the word “POISON” embossed into the plastic, ideal for applying herbicides, ideally with the Hortico Sprinkle Bar attached.

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Read More About: Yates Garden Sprayer

Yates Garden Sprayer

Suitable for use with all water soluble home garden concentrates. The Yates Garden Sprayer is designed to suit every gardener, whether you are a green-thumbed expert or a beginner.

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Read More About: Yates Sprinkle Bar

Yates Sprinkle Bar

Attaches to a watering can for even and economical application of weedkillers and soluble fertilisers.

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Read More About: Yates Watering Can

Yates Watering Can

A lightweight, double handled watering can with 8 litre capacity.

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Read More About: Yates Watering Can Green

Yates Watering Can Green

Sturdy plastic watering can ideal for all garden uses. Green for all regular watering and fertilising.

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