Christmas gifts for gardeners


We can all get stuck for last minute ideas for Christmas gifts but, when the person on your list is a gardener, the problem’s easily solved. Here are some suggestions from Yates:

Yates books

Since the first Yates Garden Guide was written in 1895, Yates has maintained its reputation for supplying good quality information. These books are locally produced – they aren’t full of inappropriate northern hemisphere information. Yates Garden Guide is now in its 42nd edition and it’s the continual updating that has kept the book relevant for each new generation. This is a basic book that should be in every garden owner’s library. Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook tells you all you need to know about growing, harvesting and using your favourite vegetables, herbs and fruits. The recipes are delicious! Yates Young Gardener is a cheerfully illustrated soft cover that is aimed at inspiring primary-school-aged kids to get out into the garden and have fun by growing things to eat. The newly-released Yates Garden Planner is a week-by-week, month-by-month guide to seasonal gardening activities. It’s the perfect reminder to help you keep your garden in good shape.

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Yates Garden Sprayer

Yes I know a sprayer sounds like a practical tool but any gardener will tell you that you can never have enough sprayers. Two should be the minimum: one clearly marked for weedkillers and the other for insecticides/fungicides. Yates Garden Sprayer has a number of popular features. It holds five litres, has a quality brass lance and comes complete with full operating instructions, a problem solving brochure and a spare parts kit. Best of all, there are contact details for local assistance.

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Zero Weeding Brush – weed without bending

Every garden has weeds (especially in summer) and the Zero Weeding Brush allows you to ‘paint’ weeds out of the garden. This nifty product has a metre-long, refillable handle that holds Zero Glyphosate pre-mixed to the desired strength. A special valve controls the flow of the Zero solution onto the natural bristle brush.

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A new plant

No garden lover can resist a new plant so a potted plant will be well received. Choose something in full bloom – hydrangeas are ideal at this time of year. They can be enjoyed indoors for a few weeks and then planted out into the garden (morning sun/afternoon shade). Include a care pack that contains some Acticote fertiliser or a bottle of Nature’s Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray, which is a ready-to-use trigger that will controls most of the pests that could trouble the plant.

Seeds for beginners

Yates Seed Tapes are the easy way for new gardeners to gain confidence when sowing from seed. Each packet holds six metres of paper tape impregnated with evenly-spaced seeds. Lay out the tape (as long as you want) in the soil, cover, add water and – hey presto! – seedlings will emerge along the row. There are six different varieties of vegies in the Yates Seed Tapes set.

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With your gift-giving problems solved you can now go ahead and have a wonderful Christmas!


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