How to

Create the Taste of Italy

Tomatoes are summer favourites and homegrown tomatoes taste so much better. You don’t need a big backyard; tomatoes are easy to grow in pots too. One of the easiest and hardiest tomatoes is the little cherry tomato.

  1. Start by choosing a suitable pot. Yates Tuscan Edge Pots look great in every style of landscape.
  2. Fill the pot with Yates Professional Potting Mix. It contains slower release fertilisers that will continue to feed your plants.
  3. Sow Yates Tiny Tim tomato seed into the potting mix. Add some herbs around the outer edge of the pot to help keep the bugs away. Water in well.
  4. As the seedling begins to appear add some Thrive Liquid Tomato Plant Food to give your seedlings a great start.
  5. Continue to feed each week with Thrive Soluble Plant Food.
  6. Protect your new tomatoes by using Yates Success to help keep the bugs and fungal diseases at bay.
  7. When your tomatoes are ripe, how about making a traditional bruschetta!

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